ChatGPT Project

In this article I will be speaking about the
Origin, Rise, Controversy, and potential future of ChatGPT


Chatgpt Was made by the company Open AI, But to talk about chatgpt you need to know about OpenAI.
Open AI was originally made in San Francisco in 2015 as a Joint operation of Elon Musk, Sam Altman,
Greg Brockman, Wojciech Zaremba, Ilya Sutskever, and John Schulman. In 2016 they released OpenAi gym, A python toolbox.
In 2019 they changed from a non-profit status to a "capped profit" status, Thus starting their Rise to fame. Because 3 years later
they relase DALL-E an early generatice Ai model. Then in 2022 they release DALL-E 2 and later in the year, CHATGPT.

Rise of Chatgpt

To understand how chatgpt got so popular so fast you must first understand that all humans have a shared urge to
communicate. Also to communicate with things that can't communicate back, like animals or computers. So when open AI announced that
they were releasing a new Ai that you can have a real conversation with, People got curious. So that was a leading factor to why it
became popular but also the fact that when we search something on google a lot of the time we have to research through multiple websites
to find a definitive answer, So to tell us that it will use imformation from the web and find anything is how you attract people.


So now Chatgpt has gotten popular and students realize that they can use this to their advantage.
They just put what they want chatgpt to write and then copy-paste it to the assignment. This coused huge backlash from techers, professers, and parents
because students across the country were cheating and it was a problem. The problem was there was nothing OpenAi could have done
to stop the students from cheating. Now there are websites that detect if the essay was written with chatgpt, but different websites have gone up to combat that.

Potential future

I talked about the Origin, Rise, Controversy and now the Future of Chatgpt. Ai is now Fastly becoming one of the biggest threat in our world.